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Monster House Records was founded in 2010 by artist and producer Yung Tek. Monster House Records recently sign Rap artist and Produce Lucky BLK in January of 2012. Lucky BLK is from Saginaw, MI  he has released many Mix-tape such as; JVO 1 & 2, Why So Serious? 1-5. Lucky Blk is also an A1 on the production side of things, he is currently  working on his Freshman Album.
After signing Lucky Blk we where pointed in the direction of a rap group by the name Niggaz in Blue (NIB) . NIB is made up of lil Dee and Loc tha G, the group has done many songs such as: Remember Me and House Party. This group has major potential from my view this group could go toe to toe with any artist in the rap game today. This has the protential to be the be in the game.
 Devin Da Kid is the jack of all trades because he is very lyrical and has a gift to tango with any artist you put in front of him. All these artist at Monster House Records are very talented and willing to work with any artist in the industry from producers, to singer songwriter.
Monster House Records, we are open to do busin      
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